Welcome to untergrund.net

Welcome to untergrund.net, the free hosting service for demoscene related projects.



Due to a security incident untergrund.net has been down for 3 days as we had to clean the server from infected PHP user scripts. If you are using Wordpress on your account, you need to constantly keep that installation updated - WP is about the most exploited PHP software there is. In future we will delete outdated WP installations without further warnings.


Yes, it took us FAR too long, but finally we've fixed all the little issues the system had since we moved to new servers. Web stats now also should work again. And this also means we finally are able to accept new user registrations again.


It took far longer than planned, but now migration to the new server hardware is in progress. During this weekend there will be some outages due to physical work on the server. The final move to the new hardware is going to happen next week.


Happy new Year. We've got over 500 hosted websites now, and the installation is showing its age - most importantly, the automatically generated website statistics now cause troubles and crashes in the Apache daemon once a week. So we'll finally do it - we've started working on a migration plan to new server hardware. The work porting the codebase to a current Linux distro have started. If everything goes well, we might migrate over at the end of January.


With over 400 hosted websites, the main untergrund.net server (the one serving HTTP content) has reached its limits. We are now in the processing of setting up new, powerfull hardware which will be able to host a multiple of that. While we are setting up the new hardware and migrating existing sites, we sadly aren't able to accept requests for new account registrations. We expect to be able to create new accounts again from August on. We'll keep you update while things progress. Existing users will be informed about the implications once we get into migration phase. - The move to the new hardware has been postponed. Registrations are enabled again for now.


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We've finished upgrading the system. Performance for many services should be much better, we've now again got plenty of disk space available. Also the user web statistics system has been improved.


As announced to untergrund.net users by email, today (Wednesday) we'll finish installing another dedicated RAID storage array to the system. Especially in the evening time CET there might be some maintenance downtime of some services. User FTP uploads will be disabled from aprox 20:00 till 23:00. FTP download performance might be degraded, some FTP mirrors might be out of service.


Due to a shortage on storage space, we currently are not able to create new accounts. We are working on setting up another RAID array which will add another 2TB of space in mid December 2007. If you request an account now, your request will not be processed until then.



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Since today, untergrund.net is running on new servers in a new datacenter. Please report any problems you encounter to hostmaster@untergrund.net.


We are currently in the process of moving untergrund.net to new, faster servers in a new datacenter. Until this move is done, registration of new user accounts is blocked. There also will be some outages. We expect the move to be done by Monday, 25th September. See below for more details.


During the next 2 weeks, untergrund.net will be moved to new servers

As you may have noticed, untergrund.net grew very popular during the last months. Right now we are hosting over 230 scene-related websites, with about 5 new sites added each week. The server used is at the peak of load it can handle. You may have noticed those server lags yourself already...

To ensure that untergrund.net can keep growing and to optimize the performance, the whole system will now be moved and upgraded.

During the next 2 weeks, the following things will happen:

untergrund.net will move to scamp's datacenter in Frankfurt/Main which has an excellent infrastructure: 2 direct uplinks to the DECIX, germanys internet exchange, which is just a few meters away. 24h monitoring, remote management, all server components are redundant (disks, CPUs, power sources) etc yaddayadda. Enterprise elite super überhosting. ;)

The system will be split onto several servers. The main server will be used for HTTP. The server hosting this will be a hot-swap SCSI hardware RAID system with fucking great disk performance.

MySQL will be hosted on another server, same goes for the mail server.

FTP will keep using our mirroring system, so the FTP load will be spread to 6 FTP servers at different locations.

Current untergrund.net users will be informed about the whole process in detail by email during the next few days. We'll also send advance notices for all expected outages during the move.


Breakpoint 2006 - Yes, it's that time of the year again :)


Stats fixed - We just fixed a bug in the stats-page that caused all recent users getting listed with zero traffic/hits. The data displayed now is accurate again.


Even more untergrund.net banners :) - thanks to Fzool, we just added a bunch more untergrund.net banners. Link to us!


Lot's of new features added - we are happy to announce that untergrund.net has again improved service to its users. Here are the new features:

  • pubftp directory for every user - Files that are moved here are available through anonymous FTP at ftp.untergrund.net and its mirrors.
  • SMTP and POP3 via SSL - You may now send and receive your emails through SSL-encrypted connections.
  • SSL/HTTPS supported for all webspace accounts - Your untergrund.net webspace now also is reachable through the secure https protocol - with a valid officially signed certificate.
  • ...and a few bugs in the registration system got fixed, too ;)


untergrund.net banners now available - thanks to ace'r'us and rais, we now finally have a few untergrund.net banners available for use on your home page. So if you wish to support untergrund.net, link to us!


Banner artists needed - we are in need for a few untergrund.net banners to be used for linking to our site. They should be in standard scene banner sizes: 420x60, 170x30, 88x31. Most importantly we are looking for a "Hosted by untergrund.net" banner in 88x31. Please scamp@untergrund.net if you feel like helping out.


Untergrund.net now got officially launched, and announcements got posted to the most important scene sites. And the feedback is great - tons of new users are subscribing. Welcome home, guys!

The beta-phase of untergrund.net is over - the system has been proven to be highly stable. Hooray!


Today we've moved the last and biggest site from the old unet1 server - breakpoint.untergrund.net. Next weekend, the old server will be shut down, burnt to the ground, tortured - and well, basicly it will get removed ;)

That's why we'd like to repeat: Users of the OLD untergrund.net server: This is your very last chance to backup old files from that server!


We are about to launch our service very soon now - currently all hosted sites from the old server are moved here. Expect a public announcement about untergrund.net soonish.


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untergrund.net was founded by Simon Kissel aka scamp

  Please report technical problems to hostmaster@untergrund.net.