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Warning: As scamp is busy as bacon, it typically takes anywhere between 2-6 weeks for new accounts to get activated. Do not try to register here if you need the webspace in a timely manner. You might try to bug scamp on IRCnet to speed things up.

If you don't know what this registration page possibly could be for, please read the about section.

You may apply for webspace/email accounts under the following conditions:

  • You are in some way active in the Demoscene (that's about computer art).
  • You wish to host demoscene productions, information about the demoscene, a sceners private homepage or anything else related and interesting for the demoscene.
  • You do not wish to host any kind of illegal material. This includes porn, warez and copyrighted works you don't own a permission to redistribute for.

The following rules apply:

  • Keep in mind that other sceners (scamp/vacuum that is) are paying for your stuff to support you and the scene. Please act like that.
  • Please do not abuse the webspace given to you as a drop site of any kind. All files you host usually should be linked on your site and be available to other visitors.
  • Don't store big binaries or files that will cause tons of bandwidth usage (like a popular demo) inside your webspace. Instead please move those files to your ftp account, so the traffic can be spread to our ftp mirrors.
  • Don't do anything that could cause trouble to operations. If you are unsure if the material you wish to host might be offensive or legally questionable, please simply ASK us for an ok in advance. If you install any kind of third-party scripts, it's your responsibility to make sure these aren't exploitable and get updated regularly.
  • We reserve the right to disable accounts of users who violate our policies. We also reserve the right to deny account requests without any further reasons given.

Ok, now go on and get your account ;)

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