About the untergrund.net project

Untergrund.net is a hosting service for members of the demo scene - programmers, musicians, graphics artists.


Many sceners can't afford a decent hosting soluton for their demoscene productions. In the past, lots of scener websites were hosted on free or cheap webspace, sometimes with ugly pop-ups etc. And often sooner or later those hosters went out of business, taking lots of scener sites with them.

The goal of untergrund.net is to provide a stable home for scene websites and productions.

Who's welcome at untergrund.net?

Basicly we host everything that directly or indirectly is related to the demoscene. We host sites of demoscene groups, private homepages of demosceners, release archives and all that.


  • It's free
  • Very well equipped and maintained servers. During the past years we had an uptime of >99,9% and we'll make sure it stays that way.
  • Unlimited webspace (as long as you don't abuse it, but need it for usefull things)
  • Unlimited traffic (dto)
  • Big binaries (demo releases, release archives etc) may be spread using anonymous FTP with lots of high-speed mirrors
  • Spam-protected email-accounts and email forwarders.
  • Subdomain whatever.untergrund.net included, optionally you may point your own domain name to the webspace.
  • CGI and PHP scripts
  • MySQL databases
  • Automated detailed traffic statistics

Features planned for the future include Webmail and Mailing lists.


Untergrund.net was first started in 2003 by scamp, and is hosting a lot of well-known sceners sites since then. However, due to lazyness etc, the main site itself never got officially launched. In 2005, the whole backend administration system already was quite outdated. So Bloodwing of the Admin Team spent several months of work to create a new, fully automated adminstration system. This was put live on brand-new server hardware in late April 2005. And here we are.


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untergrund.net was founded by Simon Kissel aka scamp

  Please report technical problems to hostmaster@untergrund.net.